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I was sick and you looked after me

Global Reach

I was in prison and you came to visit me

Global Reach

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat

Global Reach

I was Thirsty and you gave me something to drink

Global Reach

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat


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Editor Letter

This ministry was birthed by the convection of God’s word in Matt. 25:34-46, which reminds us that it is the commission of every believer to reach out wherever there is a need, and do what Jesus Christ would do with each moushirone. I was born and raised in Egypt. While living in Egypt at a very early age, I was troubled by the living condition of the poor families and the great poverty that covers the majority of this land. In my heart, I wished that I was able to help those, especially, that needed a warm shelter. (Click on our Ministries  Page to see the pictures of living conditions of poor families in Egypt).

Because of this, it is through prayer and faith that this ministry will go forth into the world, finding those that also feel in their hearts, a desire to help where there is a need.

I encourage you to become a partner with Global Reach Ministry and to be a part of God’s Great Work! The field is large and the workers are few. If you have the same heart and vision, please contact us! We appreciate your support!

May God Bless You and Your Loved Ones!

Moushir Manious

Founder of Global Reach Ministry

The Ministries...

Global Reach Ministry is today able to support close to 45 families living in this situation. These families have between four and five members per family. Most of these families have one or more sick parents that can’t work or can’t find jobs to support their children! The target of Global Reach Ministry by the end of next year is to reach a total of 100 or more families that need our help!

To Help Give You A Bigger Picture and Greater Understanding… 

Egypt is a country ruled by the Muslim majority, where Christianity is attacked on a daily basis and so Christian living can be extremely difficult! In a Country where Freedom of Worship is attacked, poor Christians are pressured by the Government to convert to Islam with the promise of better living! Looting Christian stores, Killing Christian Egyptians, Kidnapping and Raping Christian girls and Force Conversions to Islam are phenomenon that takes place with the blessings of the Egyptian Police and the Government!

Global Reach Ministry Continues to Support Those in Need…  

Global Reach Ministry is also a supporter for Jubilee Campaign which helps set free the jailed Christians and the Persecuted Churches in some of the Central Asian Countries such as Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Malaysia.

Global Reach Ministry and the Co-Mission Global Reach Ministry is also a supporter and partner with EME Ministries. EME Ministries, which is a Missionary NGO reaching out from Greece to most of the Mediterranean Countries, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, through Bible distribution, supporting local churches, and building schools and orphanages. In the base of Athens, Greece, many refuges from Eastern Europe, Afghanistan, Northern Iraq are receiving care and salvation through the help of EME! This ministry is based on giving to the needy ones! Global Reach Ministry has had the privilege to work with EME since 1989 in Greece. We have seen God’s hand taking this little group of believers and watching the accomplished miracles happen with very little supply!

Reaching SinCity…

Global Reach Ministry has the heart and trust in The Lord, to share the same Vision as International Church of Las Vegas to turn Las Vegas into a Blessed City. Las Vegas, Nevada is known widely as SinCity! Global Reach Ministry continues to support and help International Church of Las Vegas spread the Word of Salvation, build more Churches in Las Vegas and keep a line of mission works traveling across the Globe and to bring the word of God and the healing power to MANY NATIONS! Hundreds and hundreds of Church’s in India, Canada, Mexico and Philippines were birthed under the Vision of International Church of Las Vegas!

Looking to the Future…

Global Reach Ministry has many more projects with the Ministries Vision for the Future. Our goals include the following:

  • To continue to be supportive of the above mentioned Ministries and to meet their financial needs
  • To train Missionaries and launch them to the Mission Field around the Globe.
  • To help students achieve higher education through Educational Program Funds.
  • A new building project for Global Reach Ministry that will work as a distribution center for clothing, food, medical supplies, doctors, nurses and stand by trained helpers. We will reach those places that are in need, due to crisis that have been affected with natural disasters such as tsunami’s, hurricanes and pandemics.
  • Global Reach Ministry has a starting plan to set up locations where children can find free shelter, food and provided medical care in areas of Latin America. (Homeless orphans are living in the most difficult and extreme conditions known to humanity. In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Guatemala, approximately 7 million homeless children have to feed themselves daily by risking their lives and enduring rapes and killing for just a small portion of food).
  • Global Reach Ministry will have new houses to accommodate newly converted girls out of Prostitution, Stripping and Drugs. This will help prepare them for a new future of hope and blessings.
  • Global Reach Ministry will continue to raise up Business Opportunities with various groups of Christian based businesses to provide self-support and the necessary Ministry Funds.
  • Global Reach Ministry seeking partners in Bible distribution mission. Please read report about this unique opportunity in the ministries page
  • Global Reach Ministry is putting Global Reach Networks (GRN) a Satellite Christian TV on air. GRN will cover North America, Europe, North Africa, The Middle East, and the Far East. This unique broadcasting will be in Arabic and English reaching the Muslim world for Christ, and address the human rights violations in the Middle East and the Far East.
  • This Ministry is funded through FAITH! God is providing funds through business transactions and salaries from various ministry members! Global Reach Ministry is a non-profit organization, established in Las Vegas, Nevada. USA, in 2003. EIN 37-1478233.

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